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arket Composite Index rallying gradually to above 2,300, "investor confidence is on the rise." That's certainly better than late 2008, when ▓the index fell to nearly 2,000.Related stories:CNOOC New Energy Investment Co Ltd, a wholly own▓ed subsidiary of China National Offshore Oil

Corp (CNOOC), and Datong Coal Mine Group will invest 30 billion yuan in a coal-to-gas project in Datong, Shanxi province.CNOOC, China's top offshore oil and gas produc▓er, said the investment would go towards building the coal-to

ch as Wang Shouren,

-gas plant with an annual capacity of 4 billion cu m of natural gas, and construction of supp▓orting projects including two coal mines each with an annual output of 10 million tons, rel

uses, which


oal-based clean energy project will pull in roughly 2▓6 billion yuan in sales for CNOOC and Datong combined.But, the company has n▓ot disclosed a detailed timetable for the construction and operation of the plant.The project aims to tap Datong's vast coal reserves and increase the supply of clean and reliable natural gas

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